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Frequently Asked Questions



What is ______? (see Glossary)


General GPS Questions

see the FAQ section at


Forerunner Comparisons

How do Forerunner models differ?

How does Forerunner compare to other devices that measure pace or distance?

Which Forerunner model(s) are most popular?



Can Garmin Edge be used for running?


Pace, Speed & Cadence

What's the difference between pace and speed?

How do I convert between speed and pace?

What's the difference between speed & cadence?


Activity Types

Can I use Forerunner for cross country skiing?

Can I use Forerunner for geocaching?

Can I use Garmin Edge for geocaching?


Custom Data Screens

Can I use my Forerunner as a watch?

How can I get Forerunner to show altitude?


Heart Rate Monitor

How does a heart rate monitor work?

Will a Polar HRM strap work with Forerunner 301?

Can I add a heart rate monitor to Forerunner 201?


Saved Data / Run History

How long does Forerunner keep run history?

How often does Forerunner record position data?

How do I erase all of my data from Forerunner?


Forerunner Connectivity

Do Forerunner & Edge work with Macintosh computers?

Does Forerunner work with Linux?

Does Forerunner 301 use a standard USB cable?


Multiple Users

Can a Forerunner be shared by more than one user?

Can more than one user share Training Center on a single PC?


Replacement Parts

Where can I find replacement pins for Forerunner's wrist strap?


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