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Forerunner Troubleshooting Tips


Here are some suggestions for a few *simple* issues that often show up on Forerunner discussion boards. If you don't find a solution here, you can get in touch with Garmin or ask other users on one of the popular discussion boards. Users generally report having very good experiences with Garmin's technical support and warranty service.

I can't get Forerunner 201 to communicate with my PC

This problem can often be resolved by making sure the serial cable is fully inserted into the cradle piece and that the contacts on the bottom of Forerunner are clean.

My Forerunner isn't receiving data from the heart rate monitor

The the two sensor pads on back of the heart rate monitor need to make a good electrical connection with your skin. They usually don't work well if they are dry or covered with grime from past workouts.

Try cleaning the sensor pads with soap & water and then leave a little water on them so they can make a better connection with your skin. It may also help to lightly scrub the skin where the pads will make contact.

If you've been using your heart rate monitor for a while, you may need to replace the battery inside the monitor strap (it's not rechargeable).

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