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Forerunner Menus


Forerunner's Main Menu

The main menu is the same on all Forerunner models.

  • Run History shows information about past runs that are stored in Forerunner's memory
  • Training Assistant allows you to adjust settings for a variety of training aids and alerts
  • Navigation lets you mark/find locations and configure map screens
  • Settings lets you change your user profile and various system parameters

You navigate through menus using Forerunner's up/down and enter buttons. The mode button allows you to back up to the prior menu when you're deeper in the menu structure.

Second Level Menus

Menu structure below the main menu varies somewhat between Forerunner 301 and 101 / 201. These examples are from Forerunner 301.

Run History

  • By Day
  • By Week
  • History Totals
  • Delete...

Training Assistant

  • Auto Pause/Lap
  • Alerts
  • Virtual Partner
  • Interval Workout
  • Advanced Workout (301 only)


  • Add/Remove Map Mode
  • Mark Location
  • Find Location
  • Back to Start
  • Orient Map North/Ahead
  • Routes (301 only)
  • GPS Info (301 only)

Settings (301 model)

  • General
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Other

Settings (101/201)

  • Set Time
  • Set Units
  • Set Custom Page
  • Set Profile
  • Set Display
  • Set System
  • Restore Settings
  • About Forerunner

Notice the scroll bars on the right side of the Training Assistant, Navigation, and Settings screens. A scroll bar indicates you can view additional items by using Forerunner's arrow buttons.


Forerunner 301 Menu Structure

Run History

Training Assistant


Settings - 301 model
(see below for 101/201)

Differences Between Forerunner 301 and 101 / 201

Run History, Training Assistant and Navigation menus on Forerunner 101 / 201 are similar to the Forerunner 301 screens shown above.

Settings Menu on Forerunner 101 / 201

The settings menu on Forerunner 101 / 201 is similar to what you'd find under the Settings/General menu on Forerunner 301.

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