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You've discovered a great source for information about GPS for athletic sports. It's fairly common for people to use GPS while running and biking. Some have started using it while skating, skiing, windsurfing, and even distance swimming.

Our library includes FAQs, articles, screen shots and photos. We also provide links to hands-on reviews & other related material on the web.

Our coverage includes Garmin Forerunner 101, 201 & 301 (designed primarily for runners) and Garmin Edge 205 & 305 (designed for bicyclists), and the new Forerunner 205 & Forerunner 305. We also have some basic information on Timex BodyLink and Navman Sport-Tool A300, M300, R300, S300, W300 & X300.

GPS devices like Forerunner and Edge are attractive alternatives to tools like a pedometer, bicycle computer, or heart rate monitor. If you're researching tools for athletic activities, we'll help you learn how GPS-based devices fit into the mix. If you already own a GPS, our tips and FAQs will help you get the most out of it as you run, bike, skate, or ski.

People searching for GPS with terms like runner, jog or jogging may also want to find this page. The same is true for GPS and terms like bicycling, cyclist, and biker. Finally, let's not forget people who swim and windsurf with GPS.

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